We’re CodeBlend Labs, an Independent Creative Company in Chandigarh, India. We build beautiful Websites, Mobile Apps, Brands and Digital Experiences for Clients Across Industries and Around the World.



    Our Process

    We closely collaborate with our clients making them involved in every stage of our process.

    Research & Analyze

    Our process for Research and Analysis integrates various Web Designing and Development technology, Market Research, and Analysis which helps to examine different spectrums of web development and web designing and its related products, services across industries worldwide. Our research and analysis process are identified and measured to examine numerous market strategies, opportunities, and trends confining to web design and web development industry. After deeply understanding the global trend, we apply diverse methodologies for distinct clients to suit their business requirements time and cost-effectively. Our experts are steadily dedicated to working towards untapped market opportunities in order to build a profitable strategy that suits your target audience and business needs.


    Sketch and Design

    Our Sketch and design will definitely determine the look and feel of your site. Target audience is also one of the key factors that we take into consideration. A site which is aimed at teenagers, for example, will look completely different than the one that is meant for a financial institution. Simply roll up your sleeves because we find the best design and sketch solution for you which have some advantages to digital wireframes or even digital drawing. It is portable, approachable, creative and time-tested. There’s nothing simpler than paper and pencil or pen. We incorporate creative designs techniques to build unique graphics, sketches and layouts time and cost-effectively.


    Develop and Test

    The developmental and Testing stage is the process when we actually develop and test our work. Our web designer and developer will include all of the individual elements from the prototype, put it together and use them to produce something real, amazing and functional. We use the latest and diverse Development & test methodologies which are well synchronized and cost-effective to meet up your business standards and requirements. The entire time our development and test experts will make sure that your in-progress work is available to you for viewing so that you can suggest any additional changes or corrections if required to achieve the desired results for the finished product.


    Marketing & Advertise

    CodeBlend Labs - Best Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency - We provide both in-bound and out-bound marketing and advertising strategies to position and promote your business and services in the market through repeated promotions, public relations and sales via various digital platforms. Our digital marketing and advertising services use various digital medium, particularly ‘Online’ including mobile phones, display advertisement, and other digital methods. We follow a comprehensive digital marketing and advertising strategy which allows our clients to engage, capture and convert their target audience in real-time. Our marketing and advertising experts will collaborate closely with client’s to define and achieve their business goals using cutting-edge strategies across multiple platforms.