“Nothing is constant in life and technology”. Things keep on changing, growing and improving with time. Who else would know it better than the tech geeks who are more alert, updated and aware of the rise and downfall of these trends. This year you’ll notice some fresh changes in the web development technology which will definitely interest and excite you. It can be implemented in a real-life scenario as well to support your business growth.

Nevertheless, Instead of the ups and downs of the old trends, let us focus on the latest upcoming website development trends 2019 to see what this year has got for us into our pockets. 

Here we have gathered a list of most credible technological predictions to help you build the most efficient and amazing website ever to be at the top of the game. Think carefully and implement these web trends accordingly to be the first one to create a niche using this technology.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) 

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a hybrid of a regular web page, websites, and mobile application. It attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experiences. A Web-based application the UX which feels just like mobile apps uses the latest web technologies for providing users with an app-like experience in the browser tab.

Single Page Application (SPA)

Another website development trend is a single page application. SPA allows the entire content in a long scrollable page and removes any clutter. It comes with lots of advantages. Users will, therefore, get the most important content in a single page. SPA also works perfectly on multiple devices with high performance. SPA is based on JavaScript development process is based on Angular and React frameworks.


Chatbots are based on neural networks and artificial intelligence. Chatbots are computer-based program supporting conversational interfaces which are incorporated on websites, mobile app or social messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger in order to stimulate real and natural conversation with people via text or auditory form. It is implemented across industries as it supports multiple services like customer care, complains and feedback, booking, searching, handling payment procedure and more.


The best programming languages for various web-based applications is developing with multiple technologies related to JavaScript. The most irresistible trend of 2018, JavaScript is developed because of its powerful frameworks and libraries. React and Angular is becoming a hot topic for debate and discussion. As per Google trend is concerned, React will be gaining more popularity than Angular in 2019.

Motion UI

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Motion UI is a standalone library powering the transition of effects used in a number of Foundational elements such as Toggler, Reveal, and Orbit. Motion UI is gaining much popularity in 2019. It gives your website a minimalistic hint of life. It will create a strong web presence enjoyable for users.


Blockchains, considered as the most popular governing website development trends in 2019. It enables to create supply chain auditing, Smart Contracts, automatic protection of vital intellectual properties, failure-free decentralized file storage. The blockchain technology will get more traction and will reveal more opportunities, potential in the coming year.

Website notifications

Push notifications cannot be compared with other modes of notifications such as SMS, social media, and emails for updated information. These are very prompt without any complications. It makes your user engaged in your website. Now it’s your turn to become the pioneer of this aspect next year.

Google AMP

Every web developer screams of the responsiveness and importance of their website. It was Google itself who made it a necessary thing. Google is creating Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) to ensure your website a lightning-fast performance in smartphones. The trend of AMP is growing because who is not willing to develop a website in less than a second and that’s where AMP comes into the picture.

User Behavior Tracking

User Behavior Tracking is a must-have technological trend for web developers in 2019. Don’t forget to implement valuable insights into this technology and get results faster than ever. It provides many facilities like mouse movement, user behavior, the number of clicks, patterns of choice, user interaction for best customer interaction.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

2019 will be the year where Virtual reality and Augmented Reality have more accessibility for web developers. VR helps to create independent digital words while AR particularly adds digital content into reality to create jaw-dropping aspects.

No matter what trends you will be following in 2019, there will always be a scope for improvement. A lot more to do with these trends.

We closely collaborate with our clients making them involved in every stage of our process – research and analyze, concepts and sketch, Design and brand, Marketing and Advertise. 

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